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2001 films - reviews

A Beautiful Mind 2001

A brilliant mathematician, John Nash, receives an offer to work with the secret services in tracking messages encrypted in the newspapers. His task absorbs him so completely that he does not even notice his deteriorating health.
BiographyPsychological drama

A Beautiful Mind 2001 film review

Conspiracy 2001

In January 1942 in residence near berlin SS head Reinhard Heydrich organizes a conference for the high level officials. There is only one point in the agenda - finding the final solution to Jewish question...
Historical dramaWar filmPolitical film

Conspiracy 2001 film review

Amelie 2001

Amélie is a shy girl, who discovers that nothing gives her more joy than helping people feel just a little happier.
Romantic comedy

Amelie 2001 film review

The Cat’s Meow 2001

Media mogul William Randolph Hearst organizes a birthday party for his business partner, film producer Thomas Ince, but the atmosphere aboard the impressive yacht is far from what could be expected. The evening unveils the secrets...
DramaHistorical drama

The Cat’s Meow 2001 film review

Enemy at the Gates 2001

During Battle of Stalingrad young Russian solder proves to be skilled sniper. Soon his fame will bring the German expert to the city and the cat-and-mouse game will begin.
War film

Enemy at the Gates 2001 film review

Shallow Hal 2001

Shallow Hal dates only physically beautiful women, but after being hypnotised he begin to see the inner beauty in people.
ComedyRomantic comedy

Shallow Hal 2001 film review

Attila 2001

aka Attila the Hun, United States

Avalon 2001


Behind Enemy Lines 2001

United States

Black Hawk Down 2001

United States

Brotherhood of the Wolf 2001

aka Le pacte des loups, France

Charlotte Gray 2001

United Kingdom

Donnie Darko 2001

United States

Driven 2001

United States

Enigma 2001

United Kingdom

Frailty 2001

United States

From Hell 2001

United States

Impostor 2001

United States

Mean Machine 2001

United Kingdom

Mike Bassett: England Manager 2001

United Kingdom

Ocean’s Eleven 2001

aka Ocean’s 11, United States

Pearl Harbor 2001

United States

Scary Movie 2 2001

United States

The Bunker 2001

United Kingdom

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001

United States