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1971 films - reviews

Johnny Got His Gun 1971

A young American volunteers to join the World War 1. The explosion of the bomb almost turns him into a vegetable, but Johnny is still alive, still have feeling and still can think.
DramaPsychological dramaWar film

Johnny Got His Gun 1971 film review

Klute 1971

Klute in the title is John Klute, a private detective. He investigates the mysterious disappearance of his friend Tom, the only clues he has are the letters that Tom wrote to a prostitute called Bree Daniels.

Klute 1971 film review

Panic in Needle Park 1971

Sherman Park is located in the Upper West Side part of New York. This area has poor reputation, locals call it Needle Park, where on the ruined benches, among the remnants of miserable trees drug addicts meet.

Panic in Needle Park 1971 film review

Carry On At Your Convenience 1971

United Kingdom

Carry On Henry 1971

United Kingdom

Dad’s Army 1971

United Kingdom

Golden Wheel 1971

aka Zlote Kolo, Poland

The Andromeda Strain 1971

United States

The Olsen Gang in Jutland 1971


THX 1138 1971

United States

Vanishing Point 1971

United States

When Eight Bells Toll 1971

United Kingdom