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1960 films - reviews

Psycho 1960

Secretary steals $40,000 from her employer and leaves town. She stops at a small motel run by a shy man. Soon the woman dies.
Psychological dramaCrime storyMystery film

Psycho 1960 film review

La Dolce Vita 1960

Journalist Marcell wanders around Rome looking for topics for his articles. On his trips he meets colorful characters that reflect the Italian society of 1950s.
Historical dramaPsychological drama

La Dolce Vita 1960 film review

Sink the Bismarck! 1960

In 1941 the most powerful battleship in the world, German Bismarck, is about to sneak out of Baltic Sea and set out to Atlantic to harass Allied convoys. Captain Shepard has to find a way to stop Bismarck at any cost.
War filmHistorical drama

Sink the Bismarck! 1960 film review

Breathless 1960

Michel Poiccard, a young criminal fascinated by Humphrey Bogart, steals a car and during the pursuit he mortally shoots a policeman. In Paris he finds a hiding place, in the apartment of an American, Patricia, who has no idea that he is a murderer.
Crime storyDrama

Breathless 1960 film review

Never on Sunday 1960

American tourist Homer Thrace during his visit to Greece meets prostitute Ilya, which for him is an evidence of the collapse of culture and values. However, when he knows her better, he begins to see the world from completely different perspective.

Never on Sunday 1960 film review

Battle of Blood Island 1960

United States

Carry On Constable 1960

United Kingdom

First Spaceship on Venus 1960

aka Der Schweigende Stern, East Germany

Inherit the Wind 1960

United States

Knights of the Teutonic Order 1960

aka Krzyzacy, Poland

The Alamo 1960

United States

The Time Machine 1960

United States

When Darkness Falls 1960

aka När mörkret faller, Sweden