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1940s classic films - reviews


Casablanca 1942

Cynical owner of nightclub is surprised by visit of a woman he passionately loved, but who left him without explanation. Now he has to make some tough decisions.
War filmRomance film

Casablanca 1942 film review

The Great Dictator 1940

The film tells the story of the dictator Hynkel, who rules the fictitious country of Tomania, and prepares with his ally Benzino Napaloni an invasion of neighbouring country Austerlich. There is a barber in Tomania, who is dictator’s doppelgänger...
Political filmComedyWar film

The Great Dictator 1940 film review

Rebecca 1940

Despite the warnings people around her young woman has married Lord Max de Winter. Even the rumours of De Winter’s first wife that has disappeared in mysterious circumstances did not discourage her.
Crime story

Rebecca 1940 film review

The Ghost Train 1941

Eight passengers are left on small train station somewhere in the Cornwall countryside. With storm outside they have to spend the night there, but the stationmaster warns them about the ghost train that was seen crossing that area.
Mystery filmComedyThriller

The Ghost Train 1941 film review

Rome, Open City 1945

The fate of three people at a times of German occupation of Rome during World War 2, when the Italians saw the true face of their recent allies.
Historical dramaPolitical filmWar film

Rome, Open City 1945 film review

Bicycle Thieves 1948

Unemployed Antonio is offered a job - posting placards around the city. He buys back his bike that he was forced to pawn and begins his work. Unfortunately soon someone steals his bike. Antonio sets off with his son to find the perpetrator.

Bicycle Thieves 1948 film review

The Big Day 1949

The postman in a small town decides to match with the modern American solutions in his line of work, but unfortunately he has no technical support nor any talent to succeed.

The Big Day 1949 film review