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Viola Davis film reviews

Viola Davis

American actress


The Pentagon Wars

as Sgt. Fanning

The Sting 1998

Lieutenant Burton is appointed to evaluate M2 Bradley project that has been under development for many years, but without results. But what he finds during the investigations seems unbelievable.


Ender’s Game

as Major Gwen Anderson

The Sting 2013

After Earth was attacked and human kind almost wiped out by the alien species known as Formics the counter-attack is being planned. The best candidates to fight the enemy are the kids that grow up playing computer games.



as Nancy Birch

The Sting 2013

Two young girls are abducted in small town, the police begins the search for the camper that was seen on the street where they have disappeared. The man, who was driving it is retarded and police can’t get any informations from him.

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