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Akiva Goldsman film reviews

Akiva Goldsman

American director


A Beautiful Mind


The Sting 2001

A brilliant mathematician, John Nash, receives an offer to work with the secret services in tracking messages encrypted in the newspapers. His task absorbs him so completely that he does not even notice his deteriorating health.


I, Robot


The Sting 2004

Police detective investigates the death of scientist, who was building robots and soon dicovers that robots might have been guilty of murder.


The Da Vinci Code


The Sting 2006

When Louvre curator is found in the museum dead with pentagram on his chest American professor of symbology becomes a prime suspect.


I Am Legend


The Sting 2007

When virus kills most of the population and turns the rest in aggresive mutants it is up to people like Robert Neville, who are immune to the virus, to keep alive the human kind.


Angels & Demons


The Sting 2009

Secret society plans to destroy Vatican during the conclave, symbolist Robert Langdon has to stop them.

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