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Sean Pertwee film reviews

Sean Pertwee

British actor


Event Horizon

as Smith

The Sting 1997

Distress call from experimental spaceship Event Horizon triggers a rescue operation of vessel called Lewis and Clark. The crew is given order to find and rescue any survivors from Event Horizon, but what they will find at the end of they journey is certainly not what they were expecting.


Dog Soldiers

as Sergeant Wells

The Sting 2002

British soldiers on the training mission in the wilderness encounter the enemy they weren’t prepared for.


Julius Caesar

as Labienus

The Sting 2002

Life of Julius Ceasar from the age of 18 until his assassination.



as Father

The Sting 2002

To stop human kind from fighting again the special drug called Prozium was invented - taken each day it stops people from having any feelings.



as train driver Tony

The Sting 2015

Overnight commuting train makes an unplanned stop in the middle of the woods. In the light of full moon the driver tries to figure out what has happened when he inspects the train from outside, but that’s the last time anyone sees him.

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