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Captain of Orion 1978 film review

Captain of Orion 1978 film review

Captain of Orion (1978, Poland)

Running time
90 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 5 / 10

Far sea fishing company decides to give a chance to young officer and they appoint him captain of Orion fishing boat. He is young, has only few years of service at sea, but he finished the fishermen school at the top of his class, so they hope he will be a fresh blood in their fleet. Orion is not a new ship, but the crew is experienced and they always had at least decent results on North Sea. But from the day one the older seamen try to convince young captain to give up his position and return when he will be ready and experienced. The confrontation between them builds a tense atmosphere during the few days when they travel to the fishery, but the young man is determined to prove himself worth being a captain. First he tries to use his instincts while looking for fish, but each time they put their nets under the water they return empty. Since that did not worked he later tried to use the sonar to detect fish, but that also proved to be futile. All the fishing boats around them were doing much better, so the crew begun to blame the captain. During the night he overheard a information that two Danish captains were exchanging on the radio and decides to use the tip, but even despite the hostility of Danish fishermen the fishing nets of Orion were again empty.

Polish drama set aboard a fishing boat during the journey through North Sea. A young captain, experienced sailors, who would prefer someone more mature to lead them - a perfect setting for conflict on limited space there is aboard a fishing boat. On one hand the story is made a little heavy-handedly, on other the quality of image and sound are far from being impressive, but overall it is a decent film that concentrates on difficult relations between people at sea, who have to trust each other in every situation.

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Captain of Orion 1978 add comment
Captain of Orion 1978 add comment

Creators of Captain of Orion

Zbigniew Kuzminski films

Zbigniew Kuzminski


Kazimierz Radowicz films

Kazimierz Radowicz


Cast of Captain of Orion

Wieslaw Zanowicz films

Wieslaw Zanowicz

as captain

Wojciech Kostecki films

Wojciech Kostecki

as first officer

Stanislaw Michalski films

Stanislaw Michalski

as Chief Nowaczyk

Jerzy Rogalski films

Jerzy Rogalski

as apprentice

Lech Grzmocinski films

Lech Grzmocinski

as bosun