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Wild Strawberries 1957 / Smultronstället film review

Wild Strawberries 1957 film review

Wild Strawberries (1957, Sweden)

Original title
Running time
151 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

The film shows the journey of Professor Isak Borg to Lund, where he will participate in the celebrations of the anniversary of his academical work. The trip takes only one day, but by that time professor reflects on his life, he recalls his childhood and the parts of his life that will never come back. During the trip he is accompanied by his daughter-in-law Marianne and several passengers. Professor’s childhood was not a happy one, he was a lonely child. On the way to Lund professor stops on the side of the road, in a place where he spent almost every summer during the childhood. He recalls the story of his youth, in small clearing he notices the wild strawberries and his cousin Sarah, his unfulfilled love. Next professor sees children and other friends, who do not see him. But the three young people will accompany him in his memories. And those memories or dreams, his failed marriage, coldness and selfishness. And all of this is the result of a failed relationship of his parents and unfulfilled childhood.

Wild Strawberries is a difficult film, but just like most of the Ingmar Bergman films it is rather dedicated for the more demanding and more mature audience, for people who themselves are experiencing the dilemmas of growing old. But it is above all an outstanding psychological film, showing the professor as he is now, when he steps between people from his past and immerses in a past time. At the same time you can see that the real devil, the cold, the loneliness is the old age of the body, the way it is slowly dying and people need to keep at least a small spark of the past time to be able to deal with life. It is an outstanding movie, but not for each everyone it will be equally attractive.

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Wild Strawberries 1957 add comment
Wild Strawberries 1957 add comment

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Wild Strawberries

Creators of Wild Strawberries

Ingmar Bergman films

Ingmar Bergman


Ingmar Bergman films

Ingmar Bergman


Cast of Wild Strawberries

Victor Sjostrom films

Victor Sjostrom

as Professor Isak Borg

Bibi Andersson films

Bibi Andersson

as Sara

Ingrid Thulin films

Ingrid Thulin

as Marianne Borg

Gunnar Bjornstrand films

Gunnar Bjornstrand

as Evald Borg

Gunnar Sjoberg films

Gunnar Sjoberg

as Anders

Max von Sydow films

Max von Sydow

as Henrik Akerman

Wild Strawberries 1957 add comment
Wild Strawberries 1957 add comment
Wild Strawberries 1957 add comment
Wild Strawberries 1957 add comment