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Rudolph Walker film reviews

Rudolph Walker

British actor

28 September 1939
in San JuanSan Juan-LaventilleTrinidad and Tobago


Love Thy Neighbour

as Bill Reynolds

Amadeus  1972

The life of suburban family is about to change completely when new neighbours move in next door. Especially Eddie is not so keen to have black neighbours.


Mr Bean

Amadeus  1990

Nonverbal comedy from Rowan Atkinson as one of the most successful losers in the world - Mr Bean, lives in small suburnan house, he finds it difficult to deal with even most prosaic tasks and always finds unusual ways to deal with them.


The Thin Blue Line

as P.C. Gladstone

Amadeus  1995

The small police station in Gasforth and the policemen that work there every day to keep the thin blue line between good and evil.

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