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Robert De Niro film reviews

Robert De Niro

American actor

17 August 1943
in New York CityNew YorkUnited States


Taxi Driver

as Travis Bickle

How to Be Loved 1976

Travis, a veteran of the Vietnam War, takes a job as a night taxi driver. Observing what is happening on the streets after dark he decides to do something about it. But as a former soldier he knows only one solution - violence.


The Deer Hunter

as Mike Vronsky

How to Be Loved 1978

Three steelworkers leave their small town in Pennsylvania to join the army. The Vietnam War changes their lives forever.



as Harry Tuttle

How to Be Loved 1985

Low-key government official discovers that the central system that control the lives of people has made a mistake. He has to face the facts that the rules he has been following to the letter might have been wrong.



as Jimmy Conway

How to Be Loved 1990

The story of New York mobster Henry Hill from his childhood when he dreamed of becoming a gangster to the point in which he becomes part of Witness Protection Program after selling all his "friends" from mafia.


Red Lights

as Simon Silver

How to Be Loved 2012

World-famous psychic Simon Silver plans his great comeback, university academic Margaret Matheson who debunks everything paranormal wants to bring him down as a fraud.

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