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Piotr Adamczyk film reviews

Piotr Adamczyk

Polish actor


September Eleven 1683

as Leopold I

Vabank  2012

Based on real events surrounding the battle that stopped the Ottoman invasion on Europe.


Hans Kloss - Stake Higher Than Death

as Hermann Brunner

Vabank  2012

Polish double agent in German army goes after his love and the famous treasure of Amber Room.


1939 Battle of Westerplatte

as Mieczyslaw Slaby

Vabank  2013

At the beginning of the World War 2 small outpost of Polish army is under attack and the officers are divided on what should they do.


303 Squadron

as Witold Urbanowicz

Vabank  2018

Polish pilots of 303 Squadron are eager to fight Germans over Britain, but it seems no one in RAF HQ wants them to join the war.

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