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Maximilian Schell film reviews

Maximilian Schell

Austrian actor


The Young Lions

as Capitan Hardenberg

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1958

During World War 2 one German officer and two American volunteers learn how different people are and how different their approach could be to the cruelty of the war.


Judgment at Nuremberg

as Hans Rolfe

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1961

Part of the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals - the movie concentrates on the German judicial officials.


The Odessa File

as Eduard Roschmann

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1974

Journalist tries to unfold the secret organization Odessa that helps former SS member to avoid prosecution for their war crimes.


A Bridge Too Far

as Lieutenant General Bittrich

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1977

Operation Market-Garden, the daring plan of General Montgomery to break into Germany with help of paratroopers goes wrong. Based on real events.


Cross of Iron

as Hauptmann Stransky

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1977

Newly arrived officer quickly learns that front line somewhere in the Soviet Union is not what he was expecting to be while sitting in Paris. Nevertheless he is determined to get his Cross of Iron, no matter what price he will have to pay.

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