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Matt Damon film reviews

Matt Damon

American actor


Courage Under Fire

as Ilario

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1996

Officer conducts investigation into the circumstances of helicopter crash in the desert. The informations the he receives contradict with the original story.


Saving Private Ryan

as Private Ryan

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1998

Soon after the D-Day platoon of Rangers is sent on an unusual mission - in the chaos that followed Allied landings in France they have to find last surviving of four Ryan brothers, who is somewhere in Normandy.


Ocean’s Eleven

as Linus Caldwell

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2001

Con man Danny Ocean is released from prison on parole, but quickly he returns to his old habits. This time he plans a huge job - robbery of not one, but three casinos.


Ocean’s Twelve

as Linus Caldwell

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2004

Terry Benedict did not forgot what Ocean’s team has done - they robbed his casinos, so now he’s going to get them. He tracks down each member of the team and demands his money back with interest.


Ocean’s Thirteen

as Linus Caldwell

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2007

Reuben has suffered heart attack when his business partner left him broke. Danny Ocean puts together his team again, this time to plan revenge.


Green Zone

as Roy Miller

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2010

Americans desperately search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, but they meet obsticles even within their own intelligence.



as Max

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2013

Max, hard-working ex-criminal, is exposed to high radiation and has only few days to live. His only hope is to find the way to cure himself on the satellite Elysium.



as Doctor Mann

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2014

Collapse of human kind is inevitable due to food shortages. Scientists try to make use of wormhole leading to another universe and find suitable new planet.


The Monuments Men

as James Granger

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2014

In 1943 Frank Stokes persuades his superiors that there is a need to start a new kind of fight with the Nazis - the fight for presevation of works of art that can be destroyed during the fights or stolen by the Germans. He established the Monuments Men unit.

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