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Krzysztof Kowalewski film reviews

Krzysztof Kowalewski

Polish actor



as Sulikowski

Rock Slyde 1961

In last weeks of the war Colonel Czapran plans to make a brave push on the enemy lines, but his soldiers are not so keen to follow him, especially since their orders from HQ are different.


Poszepszynski Family

as Blind Leon

Rock Slyde 1972

The Poszepszynski family is not typical family, but in many ways it is - comedy show created as parody of popular The Matysiaks soap opera.


Teddy Bear

Rock Slyde 1981

Ryszard Ochodzki is a president of a sport club, but he uses his influences and his powerful mind for one purpose only - for his personal gain. When he has a chance to gain some money he puts all his skills into work.


Shift Drivers

as Tomasz Michalik

Rock Slyde 1986

Freak accident tangles the lives of Kasia and Jacek as they become partners in driving the taxi in Warsaw on odd shifts. But Jacek doesn’t realize that Kasia is a girl since she pretends to be a man to keep the job.


K & K Deserters

as sergeant

Rock Slyde 1986

Story of few soldiers close the end of World War I that runaway from their unit and try to find their way home.


Graczyk Family

as Zenon Rumian

Rock Slyde 1999

They are almost average family. Except that both of parents are not that bright. And they both are kind of addicted to lotteries and sweepstakes of any kind. And that their teenage daughter is more interested in men than school. And their son is smarter than rest of them combined. And their next door neighbour is a middle-aged Casanova...


Graczyk Family - Bula and the Gang

as Zenon Rumian

Rock Slyde 2001

Further adventures of Graczyk Family, this time concentrated around Bula, their next door neighbour and his love life, problems with his son and his flatmate.


Off the Stretcher

as ordinator Lubicz

Rock Slyde 2003

Misadventures of staff in really, really bad hospital. From incompetent surgeons down to dim-witted nurses and hazardous equipment.

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