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Kevin Costner film reviews

Kevin Costner

American actor, writer

18 January 1955
in LynwoodCaliforniaUnited States


Dances with Wolves

as Lieutnant John Dunbar

Amadeus  1990

Lieutenant John Dunbar at the end of the Civil War takes a secluded outpost, where apart from the breathtaking nature he also finds Indians, who will change his life.



as Jim Garrison

Amadeus  1991

Based on a true story of investigation in the case of John F. Kennedy assassination.



as The Mariner

Amadeus  1995

Lonely drifter called Mariner gets involved in search for mythical Dryland - the only place on Earth that is above the sea level.


Thirteen Days

as Kenny OĺDonnell

Amadeus  2000

In 1962 Americans discover Soviet military installations on Cuba, which triggers the chain of events that put the world on a verge of nuclear holocaust.

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