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John Lithgow film reviews

John Lithgow

American actor


Radio Mystery Theater

The Sting 1974

Radio drama anthology similar in style to classics like The Mysterious Traveler and The Whistler, but produced in 1970s and early 1980s and with more broad variety of genres.


Memphis Belle

as Lt. Colonel Bruce Derringer

The Sting 1990

Crew of B-17 Flying Fortress bomber called Memphis Belle is first that can reach the limit of 25 missions and be sent back to United States. All they have to do is return safely from next flight...


The Tuskegee Airmen

as Senator Conyers

The Sting 1995

Black pilots, who joined USAF, instead of fighting the Germans in Europe has to fight with racism in United States.



as Donald Cooper

The Sting 2014

Collapse of human kind is inevitable due to food shortages. Scientists try to make use of wormhole leading to another universe and find suitable new planet.

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