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Denzel Washington film reviews

Denzel Washington

American actor


The Pelican Brief

as Gray Grantham

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1993

Young law student shows her lecturer paper in which she presents her theory about the attacks on two Supreme Court judges. Soon the lecturer is murdered and it doesn’t look like coincidence.



as Joe Miller

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1993

Successful lawyer discovers that he is HIV positive. No one at work knew that he is homosexual, but when symptoms become visible is suddenly fired for incompetence. He decides to sue his employers.


Crimson Tide

as Lt. Commander Ron Hunter

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1995

Clash of characters aboard American nuclear submarine when they receive unconfirmed order to fire the ballistic missiles.


Courage Under Fire

as Nat Serling

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1996

Officer conducts investigation into the circumstances of helicopter crash in the desert. The informations the he receives contradict with the original story.


Inside Man

as Detective Keith Frazier

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2006

Bank heist takes strange turns one after another - police officers are buffled.


The Taking of Pelham 123

as Walter Garber

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2009

Another ordinary day in New York subway system is about to change completely when train Pelham 123 suddenly stops in one of the tunnels. There are no signs of problems on the line, but when dispatcher makes contact with the motorman it becomes obvious it is not gonna be an ordinary day any more.


The Book of Eli

as Eli

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2010

In post-apocalyptic America a lonely traveler arrives to a remnants of a city, where leader of local gang is desperate to take a book away from him.



as Frank Barnes

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2010

During routing intra-yard movement of string of cars engineer makes a small mistake and his car, completely unmanned, not only moves into mainline, but also has set the throlle for 100%. Soon it turns out there are dangerous chemicals onboard.

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