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Daniel Olbrychski film reviews

Daniel Olbrychski

Polish actor


The Structure of Crystal

as himself

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1969

Physicist Jan abandons a scientific career and moves to a secluded village. His friend Mark visits him hoping to persuade him to return to Warsaw. The film shows their different approach to life.


The Taste of the Black Earth

as Lieutenant Stefan Sowinski

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1970

During the second Silesian Uprising in 1920, seven Basista brothers joined the insurgents to face the German forces preparing to storm the mining areas.


Battle of Warsaw 1920

as Jozef Pilsudski

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2011

Based on a true events of battle that blocked the Soviet invasion of Western Europe in 1920.


September Eleven 1683

as Marcin Kazimierz Katski

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2012

Based on real events surrounding the battle that stopped the Ottoman invasion on Europe.

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