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Brion James film reviews

Brion James

American actor

20 February 1945
in RedlandsCaliforniaUnited States

07 August 1999


Southern Comfort

as Cajun Trapper

The Sting 1981

During exercise platoon of National Guard clash with Cajun people and has to fight for the survival.


Blade Runner

as Leon Kowalski

The Sting 1982

In reality in which androids replicants are indistinguishable from human beings police officers known as blade runners are hunting down those that wandered to the Earth against the law.


Steel Dawn

as Tark

The Sting 1987

World War III have left the society on a verge of extinction with land turned into desert and food supplies almost depleted. Lonely Nomad wanders into the valley, where landowner Damnil is trying to take over control of the area.


Red Scorpion

as Sergeant Krasnov

The Sting 1988

Soviet Spetsnaz commandos Lieutenant Rachenko is given mission to infiltrate anti-government rebel organization in one of the African countries. But once he gets to understand situation in the area he realizes not everything is what was described in his orders.


Radioland Murders

as Bernie King

The Sting 1994

During the live radio show someone is killing the people involved and it is up to a writer to solve the mystery and win back his soon to be ex-wife.

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