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Anthony Hopkins film reviews

Anthony Hopkins

British / Welsh actor

31 December 1937
in Port TalbotNeath Port Talbot, WalesUnited Kingdom


When Eight Bells Toll

as Philip Calvert

Cabaret  1971

A British Treasury agent takes up investigation into the case of commercial ships going missing in the Irish Sea.


A Bridge Too Far

as Lieutenant Colonel Frost

Cabaret  1977

Operation Market-Garden, the daring plan of General Montgomery to break into Germany with help of paratroopers goes wrong. Based on real events.


The Silence of the Lambs

as Dr Hannibal Lecter

Cabaret  1991

Young FBI agent must find a way to persuade an extremely dangerous criminal to cooperate in a chase after a serial killer.


The Road to Wellville

as Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

Cabaret  1994

John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of corn flakes, runs a sanatorium in Battle Creek, Michigan, where his unusual diets and healing methods attract many people, that want to improve their health, but in practice all they it is more like a cult.

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