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Witold Skaruch film reviews

Witold Skaruch

Polish actor

11 January 1930

17 February 2010


The Matysiaks

as uncle Kostek

The Sting 1956

Polish soap opera that is among the longest continuously running radio shows in the world - the story of Matysiak family is broadcasted every week since 1956.


Night Train

as priest

The Sting 1959

Long distance train leaves Lodz and heads towards the sea carrying on board wide range of colorful characters and possibly even the killer.


Barbara and John

as Witek Karuch

The Sting 1965

Jan, reporter from national newspaper, is teamed up with new journalist, Barbara as they chase the stories.


Poszepszynski Family

as Wlodek

The Sting 1972

The Poszepszynski family is not typical family, but in many ways it is - comedy show created as parody of popular The Matysiaks soap opera.

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