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Trevor Howard film reviews

Trevor Howard

British actor

29 September 1913
in MargateKent, EnglandUnited Kingdom

07 January 1988


Operation Crossbow

as Prof. Lindemann

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1965

British intelligence sends agents to Germany in order to find more about the V-1 flying bombs.


The Charge of the Light Brigade

as Lord Cardigan

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1968

Based on real events of suicidal charge of the British cavalry.


Battle of Britain

as Air Vice Marshal Keith Park

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1969

True story of Battle of Britain - the epic fight between RAF and Luftwaffe that stopped the German invasion on United Kingdom.


The Sea Wolves

as Jack Cartwright

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1980

During World War II veterans of previous wars join the special operation that will save life of many Allied soldiers.


Shaka Zulu

as Lord Charles Henry Somerset

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1986

In early 19th century Zulus under king Shaka grew into a biggest military power in southern Africa, which gathered attention of British colonists, who were afraid they will be his next target.

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