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Senta Berger film reviews

Senta Berger

Austrian actress


Quiller Memorandum

as Inge Lindt

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1966

British agent is sent to Berlin in order to track down the Nazi organization called Phoenix. Two of his predecessor died during that mission, so he has to be on his toes all the time.


Cast a Giant Shadow

as Magda Simon

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1966

Former US Army colonel accepts the offer to become military advisor and helps the Israelis form their defence against upcoming Arab invasion.


Cross of Iron

as Eva

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1977

Newly arrived officer quickly learns that front line somewhere in the Soviet Union is not what he was expecting to be while sitting in Paris. Nevertheless he is determined to get his Cross of Iron, no matter what price he will have to pay.

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