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Peter Davison film reviews

Peter Davison

British actor


Fiddlers Three

as Ralph West

Amadeus  1991

Ralph works in a small office and feels frustrated about his job, overdemanding boss J.J., dodgy friend Harvey and inapt subordinate Osbourne.


Change at Oglethorpe

as David Clare

Amadeus  1995

David ClareÔÇÖs dream comes true - he became a train station manager in Oglethorpe despite having very little experience. But soon he realizes it can be hardly described as promotion.


Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully

as Richard Lyons

Amadeus  2012

In small village of Cresdon Green, somewhere Buckinghamshire, life goes on as usual. Well, except for the alien race that have invaded the village and isolated it from the rest of the world.