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Patrick Swayze film reviews

Patrick Swayze

American actor

15 August 1952
in HoustonTexasUnited States

14 September 2009


Uncommon Valor

as Kevin Scott

The Sting 1983

Colonel Jason Rhodes, tired of waiting for his son to be released from POW camp in Vietnam, sets up a team of veterans to storm into the camp and release him.


Red Dawn

as Jed Eckert

The Sting 1984

Cuban and Russian forces land in small town in Colorado. While the national defence collapses the group of teenagers turn into partisans to fight the occupants and save their families.


Steel Dawn

as Nomad

The Sting 1987

World War III have left the society on a verge of extinction with land turned into desert and food supplies almost depleted. Lonely Nomad wanders into the valley, where landowner Damnil is trying to take over control of the area.


Donnie Darko

as Jim Cunningham

The Sting 2001

Troubled teenager is visited by the strange character dressed in a bunny costume that tells him the world will end in 28 days. Under his influence he begins to change and act strangely.

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