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Nigel Stock film reviews

Nigel Stock

British actor


The Dam Busters

as Flying Officer Spafford

The Sting 1955

True story of inventor of bouncing bombs that let the British paralyze German industry in the Ruhr valley.


The Night My Number Came Up

as Pilot

The Sting 1955

Dream of air crash of Dakota plane with Air Marshall onboard was just an anecdote on the party in Shanghai, but when Air Marshall Hardie learns that he will be travelling on Dakota to Tokio things begin to resemble the ones in the dream.


The Password Is Courage

as Cole

The Sting 1962

Story of British officer that took every chance to escape from the Stalags.


The Great Escape

as Lieutenant Dennis Cavendish

The Sting 1963

Captain Hilts, escape expert, is transferred to a German POW camp, but this time he has to use his skills not to rescue just one soldier, but over 200.


The Night of the Generals

as Otto

The Sting 1967

German general becomes suspect in the murder investigation.



as Sir Edward Hyde

The Sting 1970

Oliver Cromwell becomes a leader of revolt against the unjust reign of King Charles I, the civil war that changed the England forever.

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