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Lloyd Bridges film reviews

Lloyd Bridges

American actor

15 January 1913
in San LeandroCaliforniaUnited States

10 March 1998



as Fred Clarkson

Cabaret  1943

American M3 tank crew members, stranded in the middle of Sahara desert, find themselves surrounded by German battalion trying to get to the only water supply in the area.


Attack on the Iron Coast

as Major Jamie Wilson

Cabaret  1968

Canadian major is determined to carry out the special operation against German dry dock in St Nazaire. Loosely based on real events.



as Steve McCroskey

Cabaret  1980

Parodies of popular catastrophic movies of the 1970s - washed-out former airforce pilot tries to save his relationship with stewardess Elaine and climbs aboard the passenger plane. Later it will turn out that his pilot skills will be invaluable.


Hot Shots!

as Thomas Benson

Cabaret  1991

Parody of war movies and adventure flicks (like Top Gun, Rambo 2, Commando) kept in the format close to Airplane! series.

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