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Liam Cunningham film reviews

Liam Cunningham

Irish actor



as Theodoric I

Cabaret  2001

Attila becomes a leader of the Huns by uniting the tribes under his command. Roman general Flavius Aetius realizes the empire will be next pray of the Scourge of God and prepares a plan to make use of the barbarian warrior to his own gain.


Dog Soldiers

as Captain Ryan

Cabaret  2002

British soldiers on the training mission in the wilderness encounter the enemy they weren’t prepared for.


The Wind That Shakes the Barley

as Dan

Cabaret  2006

In 1919 the oppression of Irish nationalists reaches new heights and is the sparkle that starts the local revolt against British. But even the success in the conflict does not stop the erosion of the Irish society.



as Ubriculius

Cabaret  2010

Roman centurion Quintus Dias is taken prisoner by the Picts. When he manages to escape he is rescued by the Ninth Legion, which is about to meet its fate.

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