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Karl Malden film reviews

Karl Malden

American actor


Take the High Ground!

as Sgt. Laverne Holt

The Sting 1953

Two drill sergeants take over group of new recruits, but they have completely different views on how to turn them into fighting unit within 16 weeks.


I Confess

as inspector Larrue

The Sting 1953

The Catholic priest learns through a confession the truth about the murder that took place, but by coincidence he himself becomes the main suspect when he refuses to testify, because he would have to disclose the secret of the confessional.


Billion Dollar Brain

as Leo Newbigen

The Sting 1967

In the middle of cold war former MI5 agent gets involved in plot to destabilize the Soviet Union.



as General Omar N. Bradley

The Sting 1970

The portrait of famous American general during the World War 2.