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Jean-Claude Van Damme film reviews

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Belgian actor, director

Born Jean-Claude Camille Franšois Van Varenberg.



as Gibson Rickenbacker

The Sting 1989

Deadly plague almost wiped out the entire population of the world. In the post-apocalyptic world the strongest will survive, but there is someone, who has the answer to how to stop the disease.




The Sting 1998

Boxer from Marseille gets in trouble with local gangster and choses to join the French Foreign Legion rather than face him. Soon he might regret that decision.



as Jacques Kristoff

The Sting 2002

Secret agent is hired to escort high class burglar on board of train from Bratislava to Munich, but the burglar turns out to be attractive young woman and the cargo she is protecting is sample of biological warfare.


Second in Command

as Cmdr. Samuel Keenan

The Sting 2006

American embassy in Moldavia becomes a target for communist insurgents when civil war breaks out and democratic president seeks a refuge inside the embassy building.

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