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Jan Peszek film reviews

Jan Peszek

Polish actor



as Max Bauer

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1990

Polish doctor of Jewish descent refuses to leave the country when Germans are invading. He takes care of the children in orphanage even though he risks his life every day.


The Ball at the Koluszki Junction

as Horace

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1990

Passengers of long distance trains are stuck on the train station in New Year’s Eve due to heavy snow. The night they have to spend together will show their different approaches to life.


Eminent Domain

as Piuro

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1990

High level politburo member in communist Poland suddenly loses his influence and in followed by secret service. He tries to figure out what happened.


Les Milles

as Alexander Hazenfoeder

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1995

French commandant of the camp, where refugees from Nazi Germany are kept, risks a lot to save them from being sent back to Germans, who just invaded France.

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