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Casablanca 1942 film review

Casablanca 1942 film review

Casablanca (1942, United States)

Running time
102 minutes
the story takes place in CasablancaGrand CasablancaMorocco
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

During World War II the Moroccan city of Casablanca has become safe harbor for adventurers and spies. American Rick, fleeing from painfully ended affair, choses that place to turn the new leaf. He opens a nightclub called Rick’s, where German officers, French policemen, arms dealers and smugglers are the usual crowd. One day a Czech leader of resistance Laszlo arrives to Casablanca together with his wife Ilsa. They are trying to acquire a "letter of transit" that would allow them to move freely around Europe and even to United States. Rick has such document (even two!), but it turns out that Ilsa was his great love, who left him in Paris. At that time she was convinced that her husband was dead, which turned out to be untrue. In Casablanca the feelings between Ilsa and Rick resurface, but even though they both want to be together, she decides to go with her husband (who is rescued by Rick), because he needs her more. Followed by legendary final scene at the airport: misty night, the plane on the runway, the lights in the dark, raincoats and hats with a wide brim - all became icons of the cinema.

The film won three Oscars. One of the most memorable elements of it is the song played by pianist Sam, the song that Rick and Ilsa consider to be "theirs". The film has anti-Nazi overtones and was used to promote the patriotism in free world, but mainly it is one of the greatest movies in history. The film is a melodrama, but without undue sentimentality and squeezing tears, the story is just like many other war stories, but interestingly told - no one is clean, no one is really winning in this story. This is an excellent example of the great cinema.

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Casablanca 1942 add comment

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Creators of Casablanca

Michael Curtiz films

Michael Curtiz


Julius J. Epstein films

Julius J. Epstein


Philip G. Epstein films

Philip G. Epstein


Howard Koch films

Howard Koch


Murray Burnett films

Murray Burnett


Joan Alison films

Joan Alison


Cast of Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart films

Humphrey Bogart

as Rick Blaine

Ingrid Bergman films

Ingrid Bergman

as Ilsa Lund

Paul Henreid films

Paul Henreid

as Victor Laszlo

Claude Rains films

Claude Rains

as Captain Louis Renault

Sydney Greenstreet films

Sydney Greenstreet

as Signor Ferrari

Peter Lorre films

Peter Lorre

as Ugarte

Conrad Veidt films

Conrad Veidt

as Major Heinrich Strasser

S.Z. Sakall films

S.Z. Sakall

as Carl

Dooley Wilson films

Dooley Wilson

as Sam

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Casablanca 1942 add comment

Trivia about Casablanca

Stage play

The scenario of Casablanca was based on the stage play "Everybody Comes to Rick’s" by Joan Alison and Murray Burnett.