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Ethan Hawke film reviews

Ethan Hawke

American actor


Dead Poets Society

as Todd Anderson

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1989

Unconventional teacher is trying to open the minds of students in conservative college using sometimes weird methods.


A Midnight Clear

as Sergeant Will Knott

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1992

During Battle of the Bulge American scout unit face the Germans in the forest, but they don’t act the way Americans would expect.


The Woman in the Fifth

as Tom Ricks

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2011

On arrival to Paris American lecturer loses money and is forced to take the job for shady character. When thing seems to be getting for the best he became prime suspect in a murder case.


Good Kill

as Major Thomas Egan

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2014

Former jet fighter pilot is transferred to Las Vegas base to operate the long range drones somewhere in the Middle East. Unhappy with his new assignment he begins to question the moral side of the drone operations.

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