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Eddie Marsan film reviews

Eddie Marsan

British actor


The Bunker

as Private Kreuzmann

Cabaret  2001

During World War 2 German soldiers are trapped in the lone bunker in the middle of Normandy, but soon they realize they are not alone here.


V for Vendetta

as Etheridge

Cabaret  2005

When fascist-like government takes over United Kingdom, United States are in the middle of second civil war and Europe is attacked by the St. Mary’s Virus, what the world needs is a man with vision. And a ruthless plan how to turn this vision into reality.


The World’s End

as Peter Page

Cabaret  2013

Five friends plan to fulfill their teenage dream of finishing the "golden mile" - drinking a pint of lager in each of the 12 pubs in their hometown. But the hometown have somehow changed...



as Thomas Neill Cream

Cabaret  2015

Detective John River and his partner Jackie Stevenson chase after a murder suspect through streets of London. The suspect falls to his death, but for River this is just the beginning, because he can see the dead. Dead like Jackie has been for past two weeks...

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