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Catherine Deneuve film reviews

Catherine Deneuve

French actress

22 October 1943
in ParisIle-de-FranceFrance


The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

as Geneviève Emery

How to Be Loved 1964

Young Genevieve wants to marry her boyfriend Guy, but the war in Algeria separates them when he is drafted into the army. Will their love survive the test?



as Carol Ledoux

How to Be Loved 1965

Young woman left all alone in the apartment is on the verge of breakdown and soon her illness - schizophrenia - mixes reality and illusions.


Beauty of the Day

as SÚverine Serizy

How to Be Loved 1967

Severine, a bored wife of a doctor, decides to change something in her life. She chooses to become a prostitute.


A Cop

as Cathy

How to Be Loved 1972

Four men rob a bank on the Atlantic coast of France. Cynical policeman Coleman sets out to track them down and arrest them.

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