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Harrison Ford film reviews

Harrison Ford

American actor


Force 10 from Navarone

as Barnsby

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1978

Commandos from mission on Navarone are sent to different part of Europe, this time to occupied Yugoslavia, where their orders are to find and kill German spy that infiltrated local partisans headquarters.


Apocalypse Now

as Colonel Lucas

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1979

Captain Willard is sent with a secret mission into neutral Cambodia to kill American officer, who became leader of cult-like movement. On the route he sees the whole spectrum of insanity in Vietnam War.


Blade Runner

as Rick Deckard

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1982

In reality in which androids replicants are indistinguishable from human beings police officers known as blade runners are hunting down those that wandered to the Earth against the law.


K-19: The Widowmaker

as Captain Alexei Vostrikov

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2002

In 1961 first Soviet ballistic missile nuclear submarine sets out to the sea. The boat was haunted by accidents even before the official launching, which started the grim nickname for it: the Widowmaker.


EnderÔÇÖs Game

as Colonel Graff

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2013

After Earth was attacked and human kind almost wiped out by the alien species known as Formics the counter-attack is being planned. The best candidates to fight the enemy are the kids that grow up playing computer games.

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