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Albert Finney film reviews

Albert Finney

British actor

09 May 1936
in ManchesterGreater Manchester, EnglandUnited Kingdom


Murder on the Orient Express

as Hercule Poirot

How to Be Loved 1974

Hercules Poirot travels on the Orient Express when one of the passengers is found dead with multiple stab wounds. This could be the most complicated case in career of the Belgian detective.


Erin Brockovich

as Ed Masry

How to Be Loved 2000

Unemployed mother of three takes a job at a law firm, and thanks to her determination takes on a large corporation responsible for the pollution.


Ocean’s Twelve

as Gaspar LeMarque

How to Be Loved 2004

Terry Benedict did not forgot what Ocean’s team has done - they robbed his casinos, so now he’s going to get them. He tracks down each member of the team and demands his money back with interest.

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