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Adrien Brody film reviews

Adrien Brody

American actor


The Thin Red Line

as Cpl. Fife

Cabaret  1998

US Marines are preparing for the first big push in the Pacific - the Guadalcanal - but are they really ready for what awaits them?


The Pianist

as Wladyslaw Szpilman

Cabaret  2002

Talented Jewish pianist is trapped in occupied Warsaw, where he can only count on other people that will help him survive another day.


The Village

as Noah Percy

Cabaret  2004

Secluded village is surrounded by mysterious creatures that keep the villagers trapped from the outside world.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

as Dmitri

Cabaret  2014

Legendary concierge from luxury Grand Budapest Hotel in fictious Zubrowka accidentally gets involved in the intrigue involving politics and money.

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