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Films from Italy

La Dolce Vita 1960

Journalist Marcell wanders around Rome looking for topics for his articles. On his trips he meets colorful characters that reflect the Italian society of 1950s.
Historical dramaPsychological drama

La Dolce Vita 1960 film review

Divorce Italian Style 1962

Baron Cefalu meets a young and beautiful Angela, whom he would like to marry, but he is already married to despotic Rosalia. However, the Italian law does not allow him to take a divorce, so the baron finds another solution to this situation.
ComedyCrime story

Divorce Italian Style 1962 film review

Last Tango in Paris 1972

Two people in the difficult moments of their lifes start a stormy affair, but there is nothing between them but sex. On the surface, it is for them an ideal escape from the realities of their lifes.
DramaPsychological drama

Last Tango in Paris 1972 film review

The Big Feast 1973

Four friends decided to leave this world in a very unusual way - they plan to eat until they die of overeating.
DramaPsychological drama

The Big Feast 1973 film review

Rome, Open City 1945

The fate of three people at a times of German occupation of Rome during World War 2, when the Italians saw the true face of their recent allies.
Historical dramaPolitical filmWar film

Rome, Open City 1945 film review

Conversation Piece 1974

Professor, old and lonely, lives in a palace symbolizing his grave. To this closed world the characters from the history, those real and those not real, enter to mark the end of an era.
Psychological drama

Conversation Piece 1974 film review

The Passenger 1975

Journalist David Locke, bored with his life, goes to war-torn Chad. In the hotel room he finds man’s corpse and sees it as a chance to start a new life. He takes over his identity, but it turns out that the deceased was not an angel.
DramaWar filmPolitical film

The Passenger 1975 film review

Bicycle Thieves 1948

Unemployed Antonio is offered a job - posting placards around the city. He buys back his bike that he was forced to pawn and begins his work. Unfortunately soon someone steals his bike. Antonio sets off with his son to find the perpetrator.

Bicycle Thieves 1948 film review

La Strada 1954

Gelsomina is sold to a strongman Zampano, who takes her with him on tour. They give shows to a crowd in small towns, but even abused by Zampano she falls in love with him.
DramaPsychological drama

La Strada 1954 film review