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Detective comedy reviews

Without a Clue 1988

Tired of Sherlock Holmes’ constant mistakes, Doctor Watson is about to end their cooperation. And why not, he created the whole fictitious character of Sherlock Holmes...
ComedyDetective comedy

Without a Clue 1988 film review

The Sting 1973

Two petty crooks plan to take revenge on the gangster responsible for death of their friend. And they do it the only way they know - by preparing a swindle.
Gangster filmComedyDetective comedy

The Sting 1973 film review

Vabank 1981

Criminal Henryk Kwinto is out of jail and plans a revenge on his former associate, who is responsible for his arrest.
Detective comedy

Vabank  1981 film review

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid 1982

The movie combines scenes from old movies with scenes filmed today so that together they would form a meaningful whole... although usually different meaning than in the original.
ComedyDetective comedy

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid 1982 film review

Family Plot 1975

Pair of crooks take the unusual request from old lady to find her long gone nephew. It looks like he has faked his death and while they try to track him down they begin a very dangerous game.
Detective comedy

Family Plot 1975 film review

Radioland Murders 1994

In 1939, radio station WBN in Chicago prepares to make its first broadcast coast to coast. Behind the live show police investigation aims to find who is killing people involved in the program.
ComedyDetective comedy

Radioland Murders 1994 film review

Rock Slyde 2009

Private detective Rock Slyde begins new investigation, in which he will have to face the cult leader Bart that is for some reason determined to force Slyde of his office.
ComedyDetective comedy

Rock Slyde 2009 film review