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The Shining 1980 film review

The Shining 1980 film review

The Shining (1980, United States)

Running time
119 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

Jack and his family have moved to the hotel located in a remote area in the mountains. Out of season the object is completely deserted, and Jack is hired to look after it. Jack, however, has problems with himself, trying to recover from alcoholism and to start writing a novel. After heavy snowfall the house is completely cut off from the world. Soon Jack and his son Danny begin to see ghosts that inhabit the hotel. The atmosphere inside and around the building begins to influence behaviour of main character, who slowly sinks into madness and becomes dangerous. Particular the informations that previous keeper of this building in a fit of madness killed his wife and two daughters with an ax and later he shot himself, seems to have great impact on Jack, who starts to behave stranger every day.

The film based on the novel by Stephen King. Very well filmed, with no special effects, but simpler solutions (eg. mirrors) giving the equally moving impression. Jack Nicholson, gradually turning into a madman, is great. Very good music, classical and avant-garde, enhances the atmosphere of horror film. "The Shining" is considered by many as the best horror movie of all time.

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The Shining 1980 add comment
The Shining 1980 add comment

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Creators of The Shining

Stanley Kubrick films

Stanley Kubrick


Stanley Kubrick films

Stanley Kubrick


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Cast of The Shining

Jack Nicholson films

Jack Nicholson

as Jack Torrance

Shelley Duvall films

Shelley Duvall

as Wendy Torrance

Danny Lloyd films

Danny Lloyd

as Danny Torrance

Scatman Crothers films

Scatman Crothers

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