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Night Train 1959 / Pociag film review

Night Train 1959 film review

Night Train (1959, Poland)

Original title
Running time
93 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

Long distance train leaves Lodz and heads towards the sea carrying on board wide range of colorful characters. Among them are mysterious woman Marta and very nervous man Jerzy. By accident they end up in same compartment. Each of them carry heavy load of problems they seem to be trying to run away with that trip. Marta just broke up with her boyfriend, who simply can’t accept that and follows her even in the train. Jerzy is a doctor, who just lost a patient - young woman, who tried to commit suicide. Despite the initial reserve and mistrust they begin to open up to each other. But the atmosphere on board of the train is still rather heavy, especially since there is a rumour that among the passengers is a man, who killed his wife in Lodz and now is running away from the police. On one of the stations police begins to search the train and the real identity of the killer is revealed.

Very unusual movie, one of the best Polish productions of 1950s, combines the psychological drama, suspense, great soundtrack and unique atmosphere aboard the long distance train, where each of the passengers is carrying his baggage of problems or pretends to be someone else. Also Night Train shows the image of 1950s culture, where trains were not only the method of transportation, but also place where you could meet new people and share you problems with them or just be someone else. Great soundtrack from Andrzej Trzaskowski with vocals by Wanda Warska give the movie that extra element and builds the mysterious atmosphere. Great movie, worth to know.

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Night Train 1959 add comment

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Creators of Night Train

Jerzy Kawalerowicz films

Jerzy Kawalerowicz


Jerzy Lutowski films

Jerzy Lutowski


Jerzy Kawalerowicz films

Jerzy Kawalerowicz


Cast of Night Train

Leon Niemczyk films

Leon Niemczyk

as Jerzy

Lucyna Winnicka films

Lucyna Winnicka

as Marta

Zbigniew Cybulski films

Zbigniew Cybulski

as Staszek

Helena Dabrowska films

Helena Dabrowska

as conductress

Ignacy Machowski films

Ignacy Machowski

as passenger

Aleksander Sewruk films

Aleksander Sewruk

as lawyer

Teresa Szmigielowna films

Teresa Szmigielowna

as lawyer’s wife

Zygmunt Zintel films

Zygmunt Zintel

as insomniac

Witold Skaruch films

Witold Skaruch

as priest

Tadeusz Gwiazdowski films

Tadeusz Gwiazdowski

as conductor

Night Train 1959 add comment
Night Train 1959 add comment
Night Train 1959 add comment
Night Train 1959 add comment
Night Train 1959 add comment
Night Train 1959 add comment
Night Train 1959 add comment