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Little Big Man 1970 film review

Little Big Man 1970 film review

Little Big Man (1970, United States)

Running time
139 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

Dustin Hoffman is one of those great actors, who can play any character. In this film he had an extreme task in front of him: to play the part of 121-year-old veteran Jack, whose life is shown in flashbacks. As a child, he was raised by the Cheyenne tribe, then the US military took him prisoner and handed him into the care of a minister. Jack became a gunslinger, a merchant, a guide, then again lived among the Indians - as an adult at all times he lived between two worlds and cultures. He met a lot of famous people, participated in historical events, such as the Battle of Little Big Horn, and not on the side of white people.

This film was an attempt to overthrow the myth of the American pioneer era. There is nothing heroic, there is pathos or macho characters, which usually showed were classic westerns, this is in fact a anti-western. The director simply showed that the conquest of a new continent was accompanied by genocide. Very well filmed, great Dustin Hoffman playing the role of the main character in different periods of his life. The film won several awards and numerous nominations. But an Oscar for such portrait of American society was too much in 1970s...

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Little Big Man 1970 add comment