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How to Be Loved 1963 / Jak byc kochana film review

How to Be Loved 1963 film review

How to Be Loved (1963, Poland)

Original title
Jak byc kochana
Running time
97 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

During the flight Felicia recalls the days of World War 2 and German occupation, but her thoughts returnind mostly to her unrequited love. In the times of the warlove and politics appear to be connected by an indissoluble relationship, stronger even than that between man and woman. Acclaimed actor Victor Rawicz, a man of weak character, hurts aspiring actress Felicia, who is in love with him. When he is suspected of killing a Volksdeutsch (local resident, who under German occupation changed its nationality to be German), Felicja hides Wiktor in her apartment, hoping that while living with her Rawicz will fall in love with her. She is ready to sacrifice a lot for the survival of her beloved, but she fails to notice that Rawicz is not planning to stay with her when the danger ends.

The story of unrequited love in the time sof war presents not only how danger can deprive man of the basic signs of humanity, but also how unconditional love can drive a man to the brink of madness.

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How to Be Loved 1963 add comment
How to Be Loved 1963 add comment

Creators of How to Be Loved

Wojciech Jerzy Has films

Wojciech Jerzy Has


Kazimierz Brandys films

Kazimierz Brandys


Cast of How to Be Loved

Barbara Krafftowna films

Barbara Krafftowna

as Felicja

Zbigniew Cybulski films

Zbigniew Cybulski

as Wiktor Rawicz

Wienczyslaw Glinski films

Wienczyslaw Glinski

as American scientist

Artur Mlodnicki films

Artur Mlodnicki

as Tomasz

Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz films

Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz

as journalist Zenon

Wieslawa Kwasniewska films

Wieslawa Kwasniewska

as journalist on the plane

Kalina Jedrusik films

Kalina Jedrusik

as girl in cafe

Wieslaw Golas films

Wieslaw Golas

as German soldier

How to Be Loved 1963 add comment
How to Be Loved 1963 add comment