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Don’t Look Now 1973 film review

Don’t Look Now 1973 film review

Don’t Look Now (1973, United Kingdom)

Running time
110 minutes
English / Italian
the story takes place in VeniceVenetoItaly
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

British couple, John and Laura Baxter, spend their sunday afternoon in their country home. John is looking at the slides of the Italian architecture, his wife is making plans for the future, while their two children are playing in the backyard. Suddenly John feels the urge to check on his kids and storms out of the house to see his little daughter Christine drowning in the pond not far from their house. He jumped into the water, but it was already too late to save her. Soon after her death John takes a commission in Venice to restore ancient church. Laura, who can’t find a way to deal with the grief goes with him. The complete change of surroundings help them both and John tries to concentrate on his job. One day they visit a local restaurant, where two older ladies seem to be very interested in Laura and John. Laura is approached by one of them, Heather, who claims to be a psychic. Laura is skeptic about the story, but when Heather tells her about a little girl that she saw sitting next to the couple Laura begins to believe. Especially since Heather describes girl looking like Christine and the fact that Heather is actually blind. John thinks this whole idea of psychic powers is insane, but soon he begins to doubt his own mind.

British independent film that is hard to assign to any particular genre - it is in some way horror, but not similar to other horrors, it is thriller, although does not have many elements usually attached to a thriller, it is drama, although the narration is sometimes hard to follow and the real events are somehow mixed with what the characters believe them to be. Don’t Look Now is one of those films, who are better described as experience rather than a film or story - in Venice, place famous for tourist attractions we see more raw, and at the same time more poetic, side of the city with narrow, claustrophobic streets and passages, the atmosphere of secrets and mystery. It is film probably unlike most of the films you know, but at the same time worth to know.

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Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment
Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment

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Creators of Don’t Look Now

Nicolas Roeg films

Nicolas Roeg


Allan Scott films

Allan Scott


Chris Bryant films

Chris Bryant


Cast of Don’t Look Now

Donald Sutherland films

Donald Sutherland

as John Baxter

Julie Christie films

Julie Christie

as Laura Baxter

Hilary Mason films

Hilary Mason

as Heather

Clelia Matania films

Clelia Matania

as Wendy

Massimo Serato films

Massimo Serato

as Bishop Barbarrigo

Renato Scarpa films

Renato Scarpa

as Inspector Longhi

Leopoldo Trieste films

Leopoldo Trieste

as hotel manager

Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment
Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment
Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment
Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment
Don’t Look Now 1973 add comment

Don’t Look Now quotes

Laura Baxter: One of your children has posed a curious question: if the world is round, why is a frozen lake flat?
John Baxter: That’s a good question.
Laura Baxter: [searching in the book] Ah, here it says that Lake Ontario curves more than 3 degrees from its Eastern end to its Western end. So frozen water really isn’t flat.
John Baxter: Nothing is what it seems.