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A Bridge Too Far 1977 film review

A Bridge Too Far 1977 film review

A Bridge Too Far (1977, United Kingdom)

Running time
175 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

In 1944 Operation Market Garden it was failure operation opened the way to Berlin. General Montgomery prepared a plan of operation, which assumed acquire all the bridges from Belgium, the Netherlands until the bridge at Arnhem. Acquiring these bridges would open the way to Berlin, which would end the war by the end of 1944 years. The action begins on 17 September 1944. The beginning of the film it is planning the details of the operation, thorough preparation, which then decided its failure. The only general who saw a potential disaster was a Pole General Sosabowski. In contrast, he opposes his general Browning. Others officers involved in the planning of the operation are the general Urquart and Colonel Frost. After completion of planning it was following by a landing operation. After initial success and euphoria soldiers are born first difficulties, but the reason for these difficulties are not an enemy commander. In subsequent skirmishes mainly due haste successive soldiers are dying and passing time away win more and more. With shares of paratroopers from the 82nd, another bridge is captured and to remain only a dozen kilometers. Are soldiers manage to get it?

In the film there is a galaxy of well-known actors who show excellent acting and the individual personalities of individual officers. The film shows the war as a struggle of personalities, we see the contrast between war as seen from behind the ordnance maps, and the fight on the front lines. Besides fully shows the role of commanders, their initiative, initiative, courage, often risking although many lives, but in order to save them many times more. Since the beginning of the sense and the success of the stock Market Garden was questionable and it was quickly confirmed. The film was based on facts - this military operation actually took place in 1944 and ended in failure. It is a very good war film, with attention to realism and perfectly played.

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A Bridge Too Far 1977 add comment

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Watch A Bridge Too Far

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A Bridge Too Far

Creators of A Bridge Too Far

Richard Attenborough films

Richard Attenborough


Cornelius Ryan films

Cornelius Ryan


William Goldman	 films

William Goldman


Cast of A Bridge Too Far

Dirk Bogarde films

Dirk Bogarde

as Lt. General Browning

Sean Connery films

Sean Connery

as Major General Urquhart

Ryan O’Neal films

Ryan O’Neal

as Brigadier General Gavin

Gene Hackman films

Gene Hackman

as Major General Sosabowski

Walter Kohut films

Walter Kohut

as Field Marshal Model

Edward Fox films

Edward Fox

as Lieutenant General Horrocks

Michael Caine films

Michael Caine

as Lieutenant Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur

Michael Byrne films

Michael Byrne

as Lieutenant Colonel Giles Vandeleur

Anthony Hopkins films

Anthony Hopkins

as Lieutenant Colonel Frost

James Caan films

James Caan

as Staff Sergeant Dohun

Maximilian Schell films

Maximilian Schell

as Lieutenant General Bittrich

Kurt Kreuger films

Kurt Kreuger

as Major General Ludwig

Liv Ullmann films

Liv Ullmann

as Kate Ter Horst

Elliott Gould films

Elliott Gould

as Colonel Stout

Robert Redford films

Robert Redford

as Major Cook

Denholm Elliott films

Denholm Elliott

as R.A.F. Met. Officer

Laurence Olivier films

Laurence Olivier

as Doctor Spaander

Jeremy Kemp films

Jeremy Kemp

as R.A.F. Briefing Officer

A Bridge Too Far 1977 add comment
A Bridge Too Far 1977 add comment
A Bridge Too Far 1977 add comment
A Bridge Too Far 1977 add comment
A Bridge Too Far 1977 add comment