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2009 films - reviews

The Hell of ’63 2009

Whole Holland is preparing for important event - Elfstedentocht - the 200 km skating race. But in 1963 the surprising change of weather made this day a legend.
Historical dramaDramaSport films

The Hell of ’63 2009 film review

The Storm 2009

The storm in the North Sea caused one of the worst floods in Holland history, but behind the statistics there are personal tragedies and unusual stories.
DramaDisaster film

The Storm 2009 film review

Rock Slyde 2009

Private detective Rock Slyde begins new investigation, in which he will have to face the cult leader Bart that is for some reason determined to force Slyde of his office.
ComedyDetective comedy

Rock Slyde 2009 film review

Dead Snow 2009

Ski trip into rural part of Norway for group of medicine students ends up in facing the danger they could not expected to meet - a remains of German army that occupied Norway during World War 2.
Horror filmComedy

Dead Snow 2009 film review

Angels & Demons 2009

United States

Avatar 2009

United States

Balancing the Books 2009

aka Fatal Secrets, United States

Cargo 2009


Don’t Look Back 2009

aka Ne te retourne pas, France

Exam 2009

United Kingdom

Fast & Furious 2009

United States

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel 2009

United Kingdom

Horsemen 2009

United States

Inglourious Basterds 2009

United States

Moon 2009

United Kingdom

Mulan 2009

aka Hua Mulan, China

Night Train 2009

United States

OSS 117 - Lost in Rio 2009


Pandorum 2009


Sniper - Weapons of Retaliation 2009

aka Sniper - Oruzhie vozmezdija, Russia

Splinterheads 2009

United States

State of Play 2009

United States

Terminator Salvation 2009

United States

The Check 2009

United States

The Damned United 2009

United Kingdom

The Road 2009

United States

The Taking of Pelham 123 2009

United States

Triangle 2009

United Kingdom

Zombieland 2009

United States