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1997 films - reviews

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1997

Tokio radio station is preparing a live broadcast of soap-opera like romance, but at the last moment the actors begin to make tiny changes to the script.

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1997 film review

The Full Monty 1997

Two former steel workers, now unemployed, come up with the idea to make some easy money by organizing the Chippendales-like show in local club. But nothing is as simple as it seems.

The Full Monty 1997 film review

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997

United States

Crash Dive 1997

United States

Cube 1997


Cure 1997


Event Horizon 1997

United Kingdom

G.I. Jane 1997

United States

Investigation 1997

aka Śledztwo, Poland

Men in Black 1997

aka M.I.B, United States

National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation 1997

United States

Nightwatch 1997

United States

Starship Troopers 1997

United States

TV Guide Looks at Christmas 1997

United States