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1980s classic films - reviews


Without a Clue 1988

Tired of Sherlock Holmes’ constant mistakes, Doctor Watson is about to end their cooperation. And why not, he created the whole fictitious character of Sherlock Holmes...
ComedyDetective comedy

Without a Clue 1988 film review

The Shining 1980

Jack with his wife and son move in winter to a completely deserted hotel in the mountains. Jack has to take care of the building, but the gloomy atmosphere around seems to have a negative impact on him.
DramaHorror filmMystery film

The Shining 1980 film review

Rain Man 1988

Materialist Charlie at the news of his father’s death counts on the big inheritance. However, it appears that he has an older brother, suffering from with autism, who will get all the money. Charlie decides to get its due part of the inheritance.

Rain Man 1988 film review

Sexmission 1983

Two men agree to take part in a scientific experiment - they will be hibernated for 3 years. But when they wake up the world looks completely different than how they remembered it.
Sci fi filmComedy

Sexmission 1983 film review

Vabank 1981

Criminal Henryk Kwinto is out of jail and plans a revenge on his former associate, who is responsible for his arrest.
Detective comedy

Vabank  1981 film review

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid 1982

The movie combines scenes from old movies with scenes filmed today so that together they would form a meaningful whole... although usually different meaning than in the original.
ComedyDetective comedy

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid 1982 film review

Dead Poets Society 1989

Unconventional teacher is trying to open the minds of students in conservative college using sometimes weird methods.

Dead Poets Society 1989 film review

Fame 1980

High School for the Performing Arts in New York opens the doors for new group of students. We see their progress through school and their life choices.

Fame 1980 film review

Koyaanisqatsi 1982

Look at our world and our lifestyle through perspective of the simplicity and order of the nature.

Koyaanisqatsi 1982 film review

Amadeus 1984

When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives to Vienna the rumours about his extraordinary talent were quickly spreading. Salieri, who until then enjoyed a reputation as the best composer in the city will stop at nothing to keep his position.
BiographyHistorical dramaDrama

Amadeus  1984 film review

Scrooged 1988

Ruthless TV producer is preparing live Christmas show, but soon three ghosts of past, present and future will open his eyes to what his life has become.

Scrooged 1988 film review

The Color Purple 1985

Celie had not experienced happiness in her life - from her father, husband and his children she suffered only humiliation. However when her husband’s mistress moved in to her house it was a life changing event.

The Color Purple 1985 film review

Why would horse care? 1987

Team of workers transport giant industrial transformer through the whole country dealing with strange problems on their way. But the convoy is finally stopped by the overpass that is just slightly too low for them.

Why would horse care? 1987 film review